For Teachers

Platform offers a powerful new kind of learning system. One designed with teachers and students in mind, and with teacher/student interactions in mind. Because of this, Platform offers astounding flexibility, enabling you to teach however you want to. This flexibility, though, is behind the scenes. Platform's interface remains distinctly simple and intuitive. When you do need the complex features Platform offers, they are precisely where you expect them to be. Platform streamlines teacher workflows, making your job easier, so you can focus on what you love: teaching. And Platform will be there, providing a wealth of features, while staying out of your way. Want to teach your classes on Platform, now? You can signup for a free account right now. (Really!) If you think your district needs to try Platform, tell them to reach out.

For Students

Platform is here for you, too. Platform keeps all of your courses in one place. And, since Platform is easy-to-use, you won't need any adjusting (from the last 10 LMSs your school used, that is). Platform is agile and adaptable, available on every device. On your phone? Yep. It feels just like a native app (and, if you save it to your home screen, it will really feel native). Your tablet? Of course. Your laptop or school computer? Yes! Wherever, however, and whenever, Platform is there for you. (Side note: submitting homework at 2 AM is still not recommended.) If you need a Platform account (for one or more teacher(s) that are using Platform independently, and not through your school or district), you can signup, right now. If your school or district is already on Platform, you should go to their login page (should start with If you don't know it, you should ask your teacher (or you could try logging in here).

For Institutions

Whether you lead a public school district, private school or school system, or a college or university, Platform is there for you; and your teachers and students, too. Platform is a state-of-the-art LMS we're sure your users will love. It gets better: Platform allows co-branding, so your logo will be displayed prominently. You can get a custom login page (with your logo, of course) and URL (e.g., Plus, Platform can integrate with your current SIS, through Clever or ClassLink, so your users can quickly login, without needing another username and password. Platform is secure and private, providing peace-of-mind for you and everyone you bring. Want to hear about our clear and simple pricing? It's easy! Request information here. Don't like forms? Send us an email. (But, seriously, it's such an excellent form.)

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