Jcorp Announces New Learning Management System Called Platform


FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDAMay 27th, 2020Jcorp Technology LLC, a American technology company, announced the release of Platform, their new Learning Management System, today. Platform is billed as an innovative LMS, "built on next-generation web technologies," and is targeted to teachers and districts across the country. While Platform's release matches with increased LMS demand, Jcorp insists this was not deliberate. "Platform was started long before COVID-19, and we will continue to serve our users long after," Jcorp's President of Operations wrote in a letter to prospective districts.

On its website, Jcorp highlights Platform's accessibility, privacy protections, configurability (Platform is marketed as "the LMS you can build on"), and integrations with services like Clever and ClassLink. Writing to teachers, Platform says it "streamlines ... workflows, making your job easier, so you can focus on what you love: teaching. And Platform will be there, providing a wealth of features, while staying out of your way."

In an upcoming blog post, Platform's senior project lead writes, "Platform was designed for every user, for any user." On that note, Jcorp emphasizes Platform's affordability. While Jcorp does not release pricing guidelines for Platform, an action standard in the LMS industry, they call them "clear and consistent," and stress that Platform is cheaper than many of its competitors. The reason for this, they write, "is not due to a lack of features or functionality, but because of our unceasing dedication to schools and districts."

Teachers who would like to use Platform to teach their classes, or schools or districts who would like to try Platform out, can sign up for an account for free. Districts can fill out a form for pricing information or to purchase Platform. More information about Platform is available online at platformlms.org.

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