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you can build on.

Platform is a powerful system that empowers teachers to instruct and inspire, and helps students to connect and learn, while effortlessly staying out of their way.

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You, and everyone around you, can access Platform anywhere. On a smartphone or tablet; on your laptop; on a desktop; Platform is there. Its always beautifully modern interface, on every device. On your phone, it feels like it has always belonged. It can even be added to your home screen, and it will make itself at home; look, use, and enjoy it like any other app. Regardless of when, where, or how, Platform will be there for you. Want to see? You can sign up for a teacher account right now and test it out.


Maybe. Platform is free for teachers and students, forever. Teachers who do not like their school district's LMS, or whose school district does not have an LMS, can sign up for free. For public school districts, private schools or school systems, or higher education institutions who want to bring all their teachers and students to Platform, our pricing is clear and straightforward. We're sure you'll like it. You can request information today; don't worry, there's no commitment.


Platform is built on state-of-the-art, advanced technology. Using behind-the-scenes data transfer and a beautifully complex web of APIs, Platform ensures that little unnecessary data is transferred over your network — making Platform blazingly fast and remarkably powerful. Platform is built for the future, allowing us to focus on the technology, so you don't need to. Its interface, too, is modern. Simple, yet powerful, Platform stays out of your way, letting you get to work.


Platform isn't just another login to remember; it is so much more. And it doesn't have to be another login, either. That's because Platform integrates seamlessly with Clever and Classlink. So, regardless of what SIS your institution uses, Platform is there for you. Institutions that don't want to connect Platform to their SMS can still get a custom login page. Look at that: Platform is customizable, too.


Built with privacy and security in mind, you can use Platform with peace of mind. We take seriously the privledge of caring over users' data and, with that in mind, we built our privacy policy. It prevents us from selling it or using it for any purpose it was not intended. Platform, after all, does not own your courses; you do. Using Platform, you can rest easy.


Or, at least, you can make it yours. That's because Platform is infinitely customizable. Customizable for everyone, everywhere, everytime. Whatever you teach, teach it on Platform. Get Started